« Distillation is nothing other than the art of separating the subtle from the thick and the thick from the subtle, of making the fragile or destructible indestructible, the immaterial matter, the physical spiritual, the ugly more beautiful. »

Hieronymus Brunschwig (1512)

An ancestral expertise

Passed on in relative secrecy from generation to generation, distillation is an ancestral skill that involves mastering the temperature, the precision and balance of the aromas as well as the quality of the ingredients in the recipe.

GASTON – the state-of-the-art-still

Produced by one of the world’s most renowned still manufacturers, Gaston, named after the first contributor to the Bonvalet Distillery, is a versatile, high-precision still that produces some of the finest distillates on the market.

Freedom in creativity

The unique modularity of this still offers infinite freedom to create spirits with precise and complex or light and delicate flavours.