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Inflorescence is an organic French Gin made from Champagne grape waste and enhanced by a blend of carefully selected herbs and spices.


Impatience is a New Make of unaged pure malt made from agricultural residues from the Champagne region.


Made from organic Champagne malt, this 3-year-old whiskey is currently maturing in Mersault casks.

Release: 2026


Typical in Champagne, Ratafia is a sweet and delicate liqueur wine made from organic Champagne grape marc must

Release: 2024

Inflorescence Ambré

Limited & numbered edition

Here is the “amber” version of Inflorescence.
The recipe is the same, but the gin is aged for 6 months in oak barrels.
Delicate gin with subtly woody notes.
Limited and numbered edition.

Brandy wine made in collaboration with the Michelin-starred restaurant, l’Assiette Champenoise.

édition classique

édition Spice

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