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Inflorescence is an organic French Gin made from the waste of Champagne grapes and enhanced by a blend of carefully selected herbs and spices. Inflorescence’s secret recipe reveals herbaceous, delicate fruity notes and a touch of bitterness characteristic of gins.

What’s a new make ?

A new make is a malt whiskey in the making, which cannot yet be considered as such due to aging for less than three years.

We speak of a New Make when the bottling of the distillate arrives just after distillation without having been aged in barrels.

How to taste it ?

Eye Clear
Nose Sourdough, mango, pineapple
Mouth Fresh brioche, cereals, apricot and plum

Impatience is a refined spirit with precise flavors.
We recommend tasting it chilled with a few ice cubes to appreciate all its subtleties.


A committed and organic new make

The desire to promote organic in Champagne is the genesis of the Bonvalet Distillery.

This virtuous ecological approach consists of sourcing the barley locally, malting it in the region and then brewing it in the marl before being distilled.

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