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Inflorescence Ambré is an organic French Yellow Gin aged in Meursault oak barrels (a wine) for 6 months.
The secret recipe for Inflorescence Ambré reveals subtly woody and sweet notes giving it a warm character while retaining the touch of bitterness typical of Gins. We will find elegant citrus aromas thus preserving the characteristic freshness of Inflorescence classic version.

A 100% French box set


The Champagne region

london mule recipe


6cl of Gin Inflorescence, 4cl of fresh lime juice, 12cl of Tonic Gin Beer, a wedge of lime.


Add ice to a glass. Pour in the Inflorescence Gin and the lime juice. Add the Hyssope Ginger beer tonic and stir gently. Decorate with the lime wedge and spices!

Hysope tonics

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